About us

Our firm, Aga-ex S.C., is a team of constuctive people, who creates with passion and investment.
We take challenges, and aspire to find the most adequat solutions to our clients needs.
We combain dozens of years of our experience with new technologies.

The history of the Banaszak family from Sołacz in Poznań, started in 1960’s and was always connected with handicraft
– metalwork. Pressent-day form of our firm is a result of continuation our grandfathers and fathers ambitions. Currently
it is run by siblings: Agata and Jakub Banaszak. Till the 1980’x the workshop was run by our grandfather,
Czesław Banaszak, and handled mailny metal processing technology.  During this time decorative and utility elemnts
were made. For a lot of emphasis earns ornate lamps from various metals and streetlights from steel and glass.
You can still find many of them in churches and in the street – like streetlights in the Old Market in Gniezno. Our father,
Piotr Banaszak, extended firm activity.

While Poland was welcoming new Technologies, he strarted to manufacture outdoor and indoor advertising, interior
design elements and furniture for commercial interiors. As we inherited the firm, we also decided to extend our offer
with specialized Design and supervision over a Job from Design , through manufacturing to assemblage.

In September 2008 we moped our worshop from cramped rooms in Wojska Polskiego Street to bigger place
in Nad Seganką 9 Street, Jeżyce, Poznań.

Thanks to huge engagement of our team year 2010 was a lusky starek. We received endowment form the European Union and won
a few tenders. Wide range of possibilities  and qualified employees allowi us to produce serial as well as untipical elements.
Please visit Offer bookmark to learn more about our products. Although if you won’t find there what you are looking for - feel free to contact us.
We will be glad to answer all your questions.